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Dustforprints – Desert Island Films

Many thanks again to Tyson Carter at headinavice.com for hosting the excellent “Desert Island Films” challenge. You pick 8 films, a book and a novelty item to help you eke out time on a desert island.

My own selections are posted there but make sure you check out ALL of the other selections (the good, the bad and the headscratcher) and their contributors too at http://www.headinavice.com.

Would you pick differently? See a movie that’s obviously missing? Don’t sit on your hands if so. Join in.
That is all. Now where did I leave my rubber dinghy and GPS satellite phone? (ho ho!)

Ewan @ Dustforprints (groans inwardly)

Head In A Vice

Ewan from Dustforprints has kindly submitted his Desert Island Films. Read on for his choices and reasons, and be sure to check out his site.

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Part bibliophile, part cinephile, part dream weaver. Hmmn... in short, I like books and movies and I write words about both from time to time.


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