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Lawrence of Arabia (1962) – Director’s Cut

With Oscar winning cinematography, magnificent locations, Maurice Jarre’s famed score and a screenplay based on Lawrence’s own writings, David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia is a masterpiece. Over the years the film was heavily cut, but in 1988 a reconstruction of the film was undertaken. David Lean and original editor Anne V. Coates then worked on the film to create Lean’s Director’s Cut. It is this version that has now been lovingly digitally restored by Sony Pictures Entertainment, ensuring that the film will be seen as it was meant to be, for the first time since its initial release. Continue reading

“Endgame: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer” (2011) by Frank Brady

I feel bereft. After 4 or 5 days of reading Endgame there is no more Bobby Fischer in my life. For most of us Fischer is two things; the greatest chess player the world has ever seen and a ranting madman. To write a biography of such an unpleasant character and about the intense, niche … Continue reading


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