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Seinfeld (TV series 1989-1998)

In the ongoing saga to find truly great TV to watch, there has only been one stalwart to which I come back to again and again. ‘Seinfeld’ ran for nine seasons back in the dim and distant 1990′s. The show, depicting four, let’s face it, fairly unpleasant Manhattanites doing nothing, discussing nothing, achieving…. well, nothing – that, my friend, is the hallmark of comedy genius. Who’d have thought it? Continue reading

“Oracle Night” by Paul Auster (2005)

Set exactly 30 years ago in Brooklyn, New York, Auster’s eleventh novel concerns a seismic nine days in the life of novelist Sidney Orr. Newly rehabilitated into ‘the land of the living’ after a prolonged spell skirting with death in hospital, Sidney is our first-person guide through a series of misadventures in his life, his … Continue reading


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