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Seinfeld (TV series 1989-1998)

In the ongoing saga to find truly great TV to watch, there has only been one stalwart to which I come back to again and again. ‘Seinfeld’ ran for nine seasons back in the dim and distant 1990′s. The show, depicting four, let’s face it, fairly unpleasant Manhattanites doing nothing, discussing nothing, achieving…. well, nothing – that, my friend, is the hallmark of comedy genius. Who’d have thought it? Continue reading

TV Vault: “Breaking Bad” Series One (2008)

This American TV series from AMC is now in its fifth and final season. With the show taking a mid-season break and the final eight episodes scheduled to be broadcast during the Summer of 2013, now seemed a good time to attempt catching up by giving series one a try. Especially as it currently sits … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Graham Greene

“Thrillers are like life, more like life than you are. “ Graham Greene (2nd October 1904 to 3rd April 1991) One of the greatest writers to ever come from British shores, or any shores for that matter, Henry Graham Greene contributed massively to the literary and cinematic worlds of the 20th century. A prolific writer throughout his life, … Continue reading

TV VAULT – “Dexter” Series One (2006)

Back in the dim and distant past – 2006 to be precise – a new television series aired in the US and later throughout the rest of the world. Starring Michael C. Hall – who rose to fame playing a funeral director in “Six Feet Under” (2001 to 2005) – here he plays a more … Continue reading


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