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The Master (2012)

Paul Thomas Anderson’s last film, “There will be blood” (2007), swept Daniel Day-Lewis to deserved Oscar glory and there is every indication that this latest movie will do the same for its stars; Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman. “The Master” has also generated headlines for its purported subject matter: the early days of Scientology. But is the film as ‘masterful’ as other reviewers have made out? Continue reading

TV VAULT – “Dexter” Series One (2006)

Back in the dim and distant past – 2006 to be precise – a new television series aired in the US and later throughout the rest of the world. Starring Michael C. Hall – who rose to fame playing a funeral director in “Six Feet Under” (2001 to 2005) – here he plays a more … Continue reading

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)

In some parallel part of 1980’s America, the Arboria Institute exists. There a young woman called Elena is kept sedated and kept prisoner under the watchful eye of polo-necked Dr. Barry Nyles. The pretext for this is that she is too unwell to see other people and is being ‘treated’ at this futuristic “happiness” institute. … Continue reading


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